Wile are a small company based in the East Midlands that special in electronic communications. I first got involved with Wile in 2007 helping them put together technical designs in order to obtain private equity funding for a communication service utilising mobile devices.

I came back to Wile after they had received private equity funding based on the High level design’s and costings I produced in the first half of 2007. Wile’s core business is around delivering important messages to busy people, primarily making use of mobile phones. This 2nd term at Wile involved me developing more detailed designs of the infrastructure and systems, then following them through to development, testing and implementation.

In late 2009 it became apparent there was a market for a spin off product from Wile’s Core Business in providing an integrated texting service for schools.  Again the system was and infrastructure was designed and implemented by myself with the assistance of a Software Architect and overseas developers. The system allows schools to comunicate with parents via email or txt message and can be initiated either from a mobile phone or a web interface.  With the ability for Heads to close a school from a mobile phone, text messages were sent to all parents within minutes and web services provided a method for local councils to display a schools status.  This proved invaluable in subsequent years with heavy snow fall, updating literally tens of thousands of parents over only a few hours.  The cloud based solution proved invaluable allowing the scaling of the system within minutes to cope with unprecedented loads.

At this time it was also decided to migrate the current in-house development infrastructure that was running on ageing servers, to Amazon’s cloud based AWS solution.  By leveraging Amazon’s pay as you go model a significant improvement in Development environment implementing a continuous integration solution with automated testing was achieved at a modest cost.

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