Tesco, technical architectTechnical Specialist

July 2000 – December 2006

Tesco.com is the UK largest online retailer I contracted with them for over 6 years, working in the core in-store team responsible for back end picking of the products. Starting in July 2000 for the NT4 rollout progressing to a Windows 2000 rollout in Korea and finally upgrading to Windows 2003. All systems were scripted as unattended builds complete from out of the box to in-store commissioning.

  • Production of Unattended build scripts for NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.
  • Development of DOS based boot disk for network boot and OS installations
  • Development of Windows Pe based USB boot device for network boot and OS installations.
  • Development of software delivery scripts with full custom alerting (SMS & email) and logging.
  • Automated command line server configuration using commands such as iiscnfg, adslutil, regedit, diskpart, fdisk and unixtool commands such as sed, grep & awk.
  • Trial and rollout of handheld Windows XPe devices, automating the build and configuration by the use of scripts and Unicenter’s Software Delivery.
  • Web Service testing using custom testing tools, MSSQL 2000 Profiler tracing for end to end messaging.
  • Implementation of VMWare Server to assist development and Testing.
  • eTrust Anti Virus Solution covering 300 servers & 10,000, XPe devices
  • Production and Maintenance of a stable software delivery system using enabling the estate of 300 servers and 10,000 devices to receive on average 2 updates / week.
  • Configure SNMP monitoring systems using Unicenter’s NSM 3.1, implementing manufacture specific MiBs were necessary.
  • Produce DOS based scripts to configure and initialise RAID disks pre unattended OS install.
  • Using Compaq tools automate configuration of RILO cards.
  • Develop automated configuration process of APC UPS TCP/IP management cards using serial cable.
  • Research & Development in to Serial cards that resulted in a white paper being produced http://www.perle.com/applications_solutions/retail/tesco.shtml.
  • Evaluate servers from HP / Dell / IBM for Windows 2003 in store home shopping system, considering resilience and remote supportability.
  • Work with development teams to ensure the integration of new .Net Framework 2 components did not affect system stability.
  • Design a practical in store Disaster Recovery solution; this was used many times at store level.
  • Design and implement Fujitsu E200 server build for Wine Warehouse incorporating Symbol RF devices, hosted on Windows 2000 running SQL 2000.
  • Provide 24/7 last line support for all in-store home shopping systems.
  • Produce a multilingual Windows 2000 unattended build process for a Korean home shopping system.
  • Lead infrastructure team in Korea during pilot phases, this involved several trips to Korea to over see installation and commissioning.
  • Integration with Retailix Point of Sale using XML messaging.
  • Lock down of NT4 server using registry changes, policies and profiles.
  • Support NT4 Rollout to 270 stores upgrading 270 servers and approximately 5000 Windows 95 picking devices.

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