Installing Zabbix on AWS Ubuntu

Installing Zabbix on AWS Ubuntu was relatively easy thou the path here was far from it. Whilst looking for a suitable monitoring package for our small environment of less than 20 servers, I stubbled across Zabbix when looking for Nagios alternatives.

Not being ‘a real’ developer and specialising in infrastructure and solution architecture, I was rather sceptical in getting my hands dirty to gett this running under Linux. Whilst I have used linux over the years, my core skill are windows based.

So for the first 24 hours I spent spinning up Amazon virtual machines (SuSe, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu), installing packages with yast / yum / apt-get and generally getting stuck when it came to compiling the code with errors I did not know how to fix.

The I noticed Zabbix packages were already available on the Ubuntu image!!!!! So I spun up a clean machine and was up and running in about 30 mins.

  1. Start a new AWS Ubuntu image
  2. login as ubuntu
#>sudo apt-get update
#>sudo apt-get install zabbix-server-mysql

Its important that during this install you define the MySQL root password and a separate password for the new dbuser
root: newpassword
mysql app: zabbix

#>sudo apt-get install zabbix-frontend-php

Again you need to define a password during this process I initially chose zabbix again.

Now visit your server at http://yourserver/zabbix
The logon should be Admin / zabbix

That was it :-)

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