Bizzie Bee

Bizzie Bee Consulting was established as a services company in 2003. During its eight year history it has provided IT services to a variety of clients from startups to multi billion pound corporates.

Whilst specialising in Microsoft Web environments we have experiencing in integrating a with a range of infrastructures using standard web services and WCF.

Using the Cloud

With almost 2 years of creating dynamic cloud infrastructures that can grow and contract with your business increasing utilisation of environments significantly. As well as hosting a businesses core systems such as web sites in the cloud we have commissioned many Continuous Integration development environments for businesses ranging from development teams of 1 to 24.

We moved our development environment to the Cloud with Bizzie Bee Consulting, we now only pay for servers when we use them.  Bizzie Bee provided a simple interface to enable our developers to start the SVN source control server, once code is checked in this automatically compiled, deployed and then was automatically tested with Teamcity and Selenium Grid, before shutting down.  The whole process takes about 45 minutes and costs less than a McDonalds Happy Meal.  - Rob Warner, MD, Wile Ltd

We have also moved traditional dedicated server based systems into the cloud so they can expand with demand and contract as demand falls.  Traditional models mean your capacity planning caters for your busiest times with your servers siting idle much of the time. Using the cloud you can automatically increase your resources as demand requires it and drop it off as demand falls meaning you are maximising the utilisation of your servers.

At Wile Ltd we have number of  traffic peaks these are typically in the mornings between 8am and 11am, however our business support school closure communications and when bad weather hits, such as snow our usage increases by 20 fold. Typically we run with a couple of load balanced web servers but the system has scaled to 8 web servers when required before scaling back a few hours later.  This is great as our customers see no loss in service when they need it most and we only pay for the additional resources for a few hours!! – Rob Warner, MD, Wile Ltd

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